D-Mann & Vanessa

    Team: D-Mann & Vanessa Daigle

    Location: Las Vegas, NV

    Members: Derrick & Vanessa Daigle

    Sponsors: Teknic, LBZ, Dp Brakes, Versa Climber,
                        Impact Video, Pinit Motorsports,
                        X-Factor, Dulurn Georgia PD,
                        Asphalt Mag, pitbull, extreme graphics,
                        Dyno Jet, AJ Signs, Pistol Productions,
                        PMC Ammunition, Audio Excellence,
                        Arai, Intuitive Race Products,
                        Emgo Racing, Chatterbox,
                        Maxxis Tires, Kickstand & Wheelies,
                        Cycle Dreams Mag, Pricz Tattoo,
                        Streets & Strip Mag, Woodcraft, Motul

    URL: www.D-Mann.com

    Contact: D-Mann@D-Mann.com

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