Teresa Ann

    Name: Teresa Ann

    Birthday: April 22th

    Nationality: Filipina / Hawaiian / Irish / Chinese

    Height: 5'3"

    Weight: 102 lbs

    Measurements: 32B-24-35

    Eyes: Brown

    Hair: Dark Brown
    Birthsign: Taurus

    Location: San Diego & Long Beach, California

    Occupation: Front Office Manager

    Favorite Food: Italian, Polish & Mexican

    Turn Ons: Tall, Slim, Mixed, Open-minded, Smart,
                        & Clean guys who can surf & drive
                        their own ride.

    Turn Offs: Lazy, Cocky, Conceited, Jobless
                        guys without a life.

    Favorite Music: Alternative & Hardrock
    Favorite Actor / Actress: Jackie Chan
                                        & Audrey Hepburn

    Favorite Movie: Dog Fight

    Goals: "To own an Autobody shop & to get
                  married & have many kids."

    Personal Quote: "Don't be stuck on stupid."

    URL: groups.yahoo.com/group/Teresa-Ann

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