Steve's R1

    Owner: Steve

    Bike: 2004 Yamaha R1

    Mods: Leo Vince Factory Series Titanium Exhaust
                   System with Carbon Fibre Clamps
                 Dynojet Power Commander PCIII USB
                   with Custom Leo Bince Map
                 BMC Air Filter
                 Scotts Performance Stainless Oil Filter
                 Graves Velocity Stacks Kit
                 Tsubaki Alpha Gold 520 Chain
                 Nickel-Chromoly Countershaft Sprocket (-1)
                 Puig Transparent Red Windscreen
                 PIAA HyperWhite Plus Headlights

    Mods (continued): Progrip 724 Red Gel Grips
                 Yoshimura Super Delrin Frame Sliders
                 Custom Red/Polished Rims
                 Goodridge Blue Kevlar Front Brake Lines
                 Goodridge Blue Kevlar Rear Brake Line
                 Braking Carbon Metallic 66 Front Pads
                 Braking Carbon Metallic 55 HH Rear Pads
                 Integrated Taillight/Blinker Kit
                 Signal Sourcer Light Tripper
                 Harris Air Tech Tankpad
                 Harris GP Clip-on Handlebars

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