Paul Taylor

    Occupation: Owner & Engineering Director of                                      Taylormade Racing

    Background: Born in the UK, Paul Taylor started
    his career as a geologist in the oil industry. He
    wanted to do his own thing and eventually started
    his own race team, Taylormade Racing. Paul
    worked with racers and experts in the industry.
    Together they created the Saxon Triumph. The
    Saxon Triumph features a purpose-built chassis
    by Saxon Racing with a heavily modified Triumph
    T955 engine. It also had the SaxTrack front
    suspension system, rear mounted radiator with
    custom ducting, and custom ducting for air to the
    carbs. The bike was raced by Alan Cathcart all
    throughout Europe.
    When did you start riding?
    -Taylor: My mother bought me my first bike at age
    16 in England.

    What do you ride?
    -Taylor: 1993 Ducati Paso & 1994 Honda XR650

    Favorite bike?
    -Taylor: In terms of design, the Ducati 916... It's
    Utterly gorgeous, a pleasure to ride fast... the only
    way it can be ridden; a no compromise bike.

    How did you get into the design side of
    -Taylor: Just an interest of mine... I built a Laverda
    with a Harris frame.

    What does Taylormade Racing specialize in?
    -Taylor: Custom Exhaust, Racing Products,
    Custom fabrication.



    Phone: (818)781-8123

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