Name: Kane 'Insane' Friesen

    Occupation: Freestyle Street Extreme Rider

    Location: Las Vegas, NV

    Bikes: 2002 Suzuki GSXR 1000
                 2002 Suzuki GSXR 750
                 2003 Kawasaki ZX6RR

    Mods: Racing 905 Crash Cages, 12 Bars,
                 Handbrake, Fairing Stay & Subframe
                 rebuild. Lower gearing, usually around
                 20+ teeth in the rear.

    Other Rides: 1980 Chevy Longbed Pickup
                             2001 GMC Fullsize

    Protective Gear: NJK Leathers. Duffs Shoes &
                         usually some dinky dirt bike gloves.

    Riding for: "I have been riding since I turned 18.
                         So going on 5 years now."

    Stunting for: "I was doing stunt riding since day 1.
                         I have always been fascinated by the
                         freestyle aspect of motorcycling and
                         driven to accomplish as much with it
                         as I can."

    Favorite Trick: Super Street Bike Dubbed:
             'Kane Insane'      "I was honored to have a
             trick named after myself… basically I do a
             12 O'Clock and while the bike is scraping
             on the bar I jump up to the headlight &
             perform a handstand. All while the bike is
             in motion."

    New Tricks: "There are so many new & technical
             tricks that I enjoy practicing and learning...
             too many to really name any in particular.
             Circle wheelies, & handbrake specific tricks
             tend to be high on my list of tricks that I am
             putting a lot of effort into learning. Along with
             many new freestyle balancing act tricks that I
             have been working on as well."

    Crashes: "Too many to count unfortunately.
             Ive wrecked at 85mph, and been run
             over by my own bike on several

    Injuries: "Worst injuries so far (knock on wood)
             have been fairly mild. Broken foot (twice),
             Broken Ribs, Road Rash, & Exhaust Burns."

    Stunt Team: "I've really only had one team
             affiliation since I began my stunt riding
             career, & as of 4 months ago I decieded it
             would be better to split away from them &
             continue on solo."

    About other stunters/teams: "For the most part the
             Freestyle Street Extreme crowd tend to be
             quite friendly and helpful towards each other.
             We really are like one big family & tend to try
             hard to help one another whenever possible.
             For me, attending events & competitions are
             sometimes very similar to attending a family

    Competed in: "My website has a full listing of all
             the numerous events I have attended,
             performed at, & compete at. I was just
             recently invited to compete at the inaugural
             Freestyle Street Extreme entry into the
             Mountain Dew Action Sports Tour
             (formerly known as Gravity Games)."

    Awards won: "I've won several small scale
             competitions & events. Sickest trick
             events usually being my favorite."

    Video appearances: "A full videography of all
             video appearances can also be found on
             my website, with many for sale."

    Future plans: "To continue to ride my bike
             everyday for as long as I can."

    Future of Stunting: "I have high hopes that our
             sport will flourish & possibly grow into a
             much larger more financially backed sport;
             Equal to that of FMX & skateboarding."

    Tips or Advice: "Enjoy it…"

    Sponsors: Parts Unlimited / Chrome Unlimited,
             Racing 905, NJK Leathers, Duffs Shoes,
             Cycle Shop Las Vegas, NV, SoCal RPM
             Angels 'n Rides, Cheetah Race Bodies

    Shoutouts: "To all my friends, sponsors, &
             supporters whom without I wouldn't be able
             to do any of the amazing things that I have
             been able to achieve over the course of the
             last few years. Thank you."

    URL: www.KaneOne.com

    Contact: "All contact information can be found
             through my website."

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