Name: Jessica 'RoadRashChic' Maine

    Occupation: Web Designer

    Location: Tempe, AZ

    Bikes: 2004 Yamaha R6
                 2002 Yamaha YZF600R

    Mods: None yet...    Just lowered 3 inches

    Other Rides: 2005 GMC Canyon Black Ext Cab

    Protective Gear: Joe Rocket Jacket, Icon
                         Gloves, & HJC Helmet

    Riding for: "About 2 years now, off & on"

    Stunting for: "Ever since I bought my new R6,
                         so about 5 months now"

    Favorite Trick: "Stoppies, working on rolling
                         them though!""

    New Tricks: "Seat stander & sketchy
                         flamingos, haha"

    Crashes: "I've lost count of how many wrecks I've
             had, but my worst was wrecking with no
             jacket, helmet, or gloves on. I slid on my face
             for a few feet & mutalated both the palms of
             my hands & skinned my hip bone pretty

    Injuries: "When I looped my YZF & I landed on
             my knees going 60mph.. my knees aren't
             the same anymore"

    Stunt Team: "I don't ride for a stunt team,
             but I ride with all the west coast fellas"

    About other stunters/teams: "Seems to be a very
             dramatic sport outside the parking lot, but
             when we are out riding together we seem to
             get along perfect because we're enjoying
             what we all love the most!"

    Competed in: "Only one event here in AZ. I want
             to get better before I do more, which will
             be soon!"

    Awards won: "Third place Freestyle in the AZ
             Stuntfest event on 1/9/05"

    Video appearances: "I'm not sure, but I believe
             I'm going to be in a few upcoming ones"

    Future plans: "God only knows"

    Future of Stunting: "I hope that I open the door
             to more female stunt riders. I hope this
             sport turns into & actual sport."

    Tips or Advice: "When the going gets rough,
             the tough keep on going"

    Sponsors: "Working on it..."

    Shoutouts: "To everyone I have been fortunate
             enough to ride with, & to my fellas Team
             Outermost & Kane for being my inspiration"


    Contact: "All contact information can be found
             through my website."

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