Name: Darius Khashabi

    Occupation: Stunter / Video Maker

    Location: Walnut Creek, CA

    Bikes: (2) 2001 CBR 929's & a 2001 R1

    Mods (CBR): Gearing: 14/55, GPR Dampner,
                             crash cage, 12 o'clock bar,
                             Jardine can (custom cut)

    Other Rides: Cadillac Escalade, Datsun 240z,
                            CRG125 GoKart, CR125, YZ250,
                            XR50, (3) Blata pocketbikes

    Protective Gear: boots, jacket, gloves, helmet

    Riding for: 4 years

    Stunting for: 3 years

    Favorite Trick: 180º Stoppies

    Worst Crash: jumping on to the tank during a
                                freeway wheelie at about 90 mph.

    Injuries: broken wrist, broken foot,
                    a lot of road rash.

    Stunt Team: No Limit
    Competed in: Stuntwars, Stunter Extreme Fest,
                                Cycle Dreams Magazine show,
                                WBBF, XSBA

    Future plans: Servin It Up 2, make more videos

    Video Appearances: Servin It Up, Servin It Up 2,
                                          SBFreaks: Stunnin SF, Road
                                          Rage 2, Crusty 8, Crusty 9, Get
                                          on Up, DIP 3, Urban Assualt 2,
                                          Xsba 110%, X-Factor's
                                          Greatest Bits

    Tips or Advice: "Don't crash, make some cool
                                  videos, make some money."

    Future of Stunting: "I think it will get bigger to a
                                        certain point; it still has a lot to
                                        do with the streets and that's
                                        illegal so that will be the
                                        biggest downfall."

    Sponsors: Icon, Fleshgear, Sound & Alarm, Cycle
                        Gear, Colorzone, Mach1, G Force Minis

    Contact: darius@darius240z.com

    URL: www.darius240z.com & www.servinitup.com

    Shoutouts: Pure Bred Riders, Triple Extreme, Cali
                          Boyz, Crazy Martin, Crazy Dan, Jason
                          Britton, Alex Flores, all the crews in
                          Florida & New York, Drew Stone &
                          Evan Stone, people from Chicago:
                          Stuntlife, Shuga, Control Coalition,
                          Thomas from Out on Parole, DM
                          Extreme, LegionST, Scooter Trash,
                          Reality Racing, Point of Balance,
                          Star Boyz, D-Mann

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