Name: Bryan Kibler aka "Highdiver"

    Occupation: Out of work for the time being

    Location: Covina, CA

    Bikes: 2002 GSX-R 750 & 1987 Kawasaki ex250

    Mods (GSX-R): Yoshimura RS3 Race Exhaust,
                                  PC III R, 16/46 Gearing

    Protective Gear: boots, gloves, helmet,
                                    jacket / jeans / full race leathers.

    Riding for: 2.5 yrs

    Stunting for: 1 yr

    Track riding for: 1.5 yrs

    Favorite Trick: Standups (untill I learn
                                  something really cool)

    Worst Crash: 40MPH lowside in the canyons.

    Injuries: a couple small spots of road rash.
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