Brendan's Ninja ZX6RR

    Owner: Brendan

    Bike: 2003 Kawasaki ZX6RR

    Mods: Hot Bodies Race Fairings
                 GPR Steering Damper
                 Sato Rear Sets with GP Shifting
                 PCIII USB Power Commander
                     (with custom map)
                 Arata Titanium Full Race Exhaust
                 Sato Swing Arm Spools
                 Sato Frame Sliders
                 (-1) 14 Tooth AFAM Counter Shaft Sprocket
                 (+2) 42 Tooth AFAM Rear Sprocket

    Mods (continued): DID ERV 520 Chain
                 NRC Clutch Cover
                 NRC Stator Cover
                 Galfer Superbike Brake Lines
                     (Steel Braided)
                 HRRA Regulation Spec Safety Wiring
                 PIAA Super White Headlight
                 Custom Kragen "Tiger Eye" Tail Light

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