Aaron's GSXR 1000

    Owner: Aaron

    Bike: 2003 Suzuki GSXR 1000

    Mods: Devil Bikes Undertail
                 Puig Double Bubble Smoke Wind Screen
                 Gilles Tooling Rearsets
                 Intutive Race Spools
                 Intutive Race Frame Sliders
                 GPR Steering Damper
                 Micron High Mount Blue -
                     Carbon Fibre Race Exhaust

    Mods (continued): Dealer-Mode Switch
                 Galfer Race Compound Front Brake Pads
                 (-2) 15 Tooth AFAM front sprocket
                 Dunlop 208 GP Euro Spec front tire
                 Dunlop 208 GPA Euro Spec rear tire

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